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MÉXICO DESIGN – Insignias Arquitectura de Interiores – Mujeres Mexicanas

“Al momento de diseñar tienes que tener en cuenta el entorno, y si hay paisaje, enaltecer su belleza con espejos o ventanales que lo enmarquen y parezcan pinturas”

Interiores Mexicanos – Ambientes con estilo

Paulina Jiménez es apasionada de sus proyectos, admiradora de la belleza artesanal, del mobiliario tallado, la forja, los elementos de bronce, la riqueza textil y el arte.





MÉXICO DESIGN – Paulina Jimenez interview

Paulina Jiménez Interior Design

“Pureza y Libertad”

Si bien Paulina Jiménez, la mujer detrás de Paulina Jiménez Interior Design, nació en Guadalajara, es en Los Cabos donde además de residir ha emprendido sus proyectos más importantes como interiorista. Durante los 18 años que abarca su actividad profesional ha sembrado en distintos espacios residenciales pautas estilísticas para la convivencia de sus moradores.

“La pureza y la libertad de la arquitectura nace del estilo de vida de sus futuros habitantes, de esta manera es posible crear atmósferas ideales en las que el proyecto de diseño de interiores les permita vivir, experimentar, pero más que nada disfrutar y sentir suyo cada rincón”.

California Home+Design Hacienda Beach Club + Residences

California Home+Design / September 2015

You’ve heard “home away from home” before, but have you really experienced it? And if so, have you experienced it the right way? Well, the right way is by turning on your email vacation responder, booking a flight to Cabo, and making Hacienda Beach Club + Residences your new home, at least for a week.

Hacienda Beach Club & Residences, at 22-acres, takes its place along the shores of Cabo San Lucas like many others, although this private Medano Beach spot boasts the only swimmable beach in Cabo and is just a short stroll to downtown Cabo, a water taxi away from Lover’s Beach, and has a history that’s as rich as the scenery. Formerly the Hacienda Hotel, one of the first hotels in Cabo, the beach club hosted beloved stars like Bing Crosby and Desi Arnaz, who enjoyed cocktails and sunshine by the pool. Today, however, the resort has grown tremendously, but maintains true to its roots with impressive historic architecture. The expansive architecture features 109 residences, including beachfront villas, resort villas, and penthouses with lush fountains and sculptures, five-star restaurants, lively bars, a luxurious spa, and activities galore.

This seaside spot is full of pleasant surprises and stories worth sharing, but the most recent is the penthouse refresh that’s taken place thanks to Cabo-based designer, Paulina Jimenez. Paulina has transformed the space, which sits atop a six story building, into a beach paradise. She’s drawn from what’s outside and brought it inside, showcasing a decadent mix of nature and modern glamour.

Paulina’s touch includes lots of seductive lighting which sets that tone for the overall feel of the space. Through the iron-clad doors you’re greeted by a dazzling foyer of light and a chandelier alter. Move further into the space to delight in exposed wood beams and the sound of the ocean, which is pretty much your backyard.

The penthouse space is peppered with luxuries including opulent fabrics and beautiful reclaimed wooden pieces outfitting an open-concept living space. Here, pillows burst with color and underwater accents add to the beachy vibe while a set of sliding doors open up to an adjacent outdoor living space, that too, oozes with seaside magnificence and an outdoor fireplace.

Throughout the place, you’ll delight in traditional design finds like rich terracotta tile flooring which pays homage to Mexico’s architectural roots as well as Mexican tiles that make cameos in expected, and some unexpected, places. The palette leans to the side of neutral, think taupe leather and suede as well as cocoa colored accents and crisp whites, but offers a fresh and calming feel, which is pleasantly offset by pops of tangerine and cobalt as well as the occasional Ikat print here and there.

Bedrooms are wistful and whimsy with canopy beds or modern leather headboards. And each room offers a full view of the ocean. The dining room too features a sweet veranda that looks out to sea and acts as a nice touch beside blue leather seating, watercolor art, and mirror accents.


 All in all, Hacienda Beach Club + Residences offers what no other Cabo spot can, the feeling of home. And when Paulina Jimenez gets involved, it becomes your dream home away from home. So take your spot alongside the celebrities who frequent this spot and toast to being home.


Architectural Digest Mexico – Paulina Jimenez Editorial March 2015

Architectural Digest Mexico / March 2015

Natural and Colorful Territory

We have created a residence in Los Cabos that is so fresh and comfortable that you will never want to leave

Paulina Jimenez
Interior Designer

Paulina Jimenez featured at Interiores Mexicanos BOOK

Interiores Mexicanos BOOK

Paulina Jimenez  interior design firm in Los Cabos, Mexico features in the latest Interiores Mexicanos (Mexican Interiors) Book, that is a recompilation of the most tasteful and elegant houses around Mexico.

Architectural Digest Mexico – Paulina Jimenez interview

Entrevista a Paulina Jimenez en Architectural Digest Mexico

Architectural Digest Mexico

Interview Paulina Jimenez due to her success directing Square One interior firm, a long re known interior design firm in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Entrevista a Paulina Jimenez en Architectural Digest Mexico